Dave Clevenger

Chief Executive Officer

Dave is a visionary leader, community builder, non-stop innovator and serial entrepreneur. He currently holds the following roles: Principal of Community Impact Corps/Pre-Fab Innovations, LLC., Chief Executive Officer (founding) of Kings Gospel Mission in Hanford (since 2015) and the Lighthouse Rescue Mission in Tulare (since 2019)

Dave served 22 years in the Navy with the following notable assignments:
• Supply Department Head (Lieutenant) at Naval Hospital Lemoore
• 2 Marine Corps Combat Medic Tours (OEF 2012 and Southwest Asia Campaign 1995)
• 2 Navy Vessels (USS Juneau and USS Coronado)
• 3 Shore Tours (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Navy Personnel Command and MCAS Miramar)

Dave holds a Master’s in Healthcare Administration and has successfully started the following businesses:
• Homeless Rescue Mission (Kings County’s first)
• Manufactured Home Factory
• Thrift Store
• 2 Recycling Centers
• 2 Downtown Cleaning Crews with Carts
• Mobile Shower Unit

Dave is currently leading an affordable housing innovation initiative which promises to place 10,000 factory-built affordable housing units in service by 2030.
Saved by grace alone in 2011, Dave passionately pursues Christ by loving God and loving our neighbors in word and deed.

View Dave's Videos about ending homelessness and current projects here: VIMEO

Learn more about Dave at: 

Jill Caviezel

Associate Director

Jill started working for KGM in July 2020. She will be helping raise essential funds for our programs and services. After graduating from Whittier College with a degree in social work, Jill knew she wanted to do something to help others. In the late 90s she started a non-profit for the visually impaired that provided volunteer and recreation opportunities. With over 25 years of fundraising and special event experience, she will be a great fit to our team.

“Working for a non-profit who truly lives and breathes their mission is what made me want to be part of this team. I love what we stand for”, says Jill.

Alejandro (Hondo) Clark

Real Estate Development Officer

Hondo joined the KGM team in September 2020. He is responsible for the development and building of affordable communities and commercial properties. Hondo received a business degree from Fresno State and minor in Japanese. He has his California real estate brokers and general contractors’ licenses. With 20 plus years of experience, Hondo has helped build over 200 homes and put through the permitting process roughly 2,000 homes and 100’s of thousands of square feet of commercial space.

When asked, why are you working with KGM, he replied “I believe this is where God wants me to be.”

Jeff Montgomery

Construction Manager

Jeff has been part of the KGM team since June 2020. With 30 plus years of construction experience and his general contractors license, Jeff is the perfect person to create the process and manage the construction of the factory-built homes. Jeff considers it a great opportunity to not only build these affordable housing units, but to work with men interested in learning the trade.

When asked why he joined the KGM team, Jeff shared his excitement for the project and said, “this is something I can really get behind.”

Pastor Quinton Moore

Industries Manager

Pastor Moore started with KGM in 2016 as a volunteer, sharing Gods love to those utilizing our services. Eventually, he became a full-time pastor and helped educate the men and women who stayed at the shelter. As time went on, Pastor Moore took on more responsibility by managing the Industries (Thrift Shop, Recycle Centers and Power Washing Team). He is currently the pastor at the Mustard Seed Faith Church which is the house next door to KGM. This is a blessing as it is convenient for KGM family to attend.

After serving in the Navy for 20 years, he retired and eventually pursued a masters in
Theology. “The Lord “called” me to be a pastor in Hanford at Mustard Seed Church three years prior to actually getting a call from the current Pastor”, Moore shared. He and his wife moved to Hanford and are thankful they followed God’s calling.

Alfred Trujillo

Men’s Director

Alfred came to KGM about six years ago, first as an intern then a volunteer and eventually as a staff member. After a brief time as a staff member, Alfred was offered the Men’s Director position and gladly accepted. This would provide him the opportunity to share his passion and life experiences with others around him. Alfred has been sober over 16 years which allows him to relate to those individuals utilizing the Shelter and Room and Board beds at KGM. In his role, Albert manages five others and oversees the day-to-day operations of the KGM facilities.

Alfred has worked at Harris Ranch and Leprino but says his work at KGM has changed his life. Alfred shared, “It is a blessing to be able to teach others about Christ and how He can change their life. I see myself in so many of the men I work with, and I just want to help.”

Chad Fagundes

Board of Directors

Chad Fagundes has been on the KGM Board since 2019.
Prior to being on the Board, he was familiar with KGM and how it is Gospel driven and changing people’s lives. One of the things Chad really likes about KGM is it is a multi-faceted ministry, not just ministering to the spirit but the physical and psychological needs.

Chad currently is the mission and outreach pastor at Koinonia Church in Hanford.

Bruce Pickering

Board of Directors

Bruce Pickering has been active on the KGM board since 2017 and considers it a privilege to serve. The KGM board was a perfect fit for Bruce, as he loves the homeless and wants to help make a difference in their lives. He thinks KGM has great results and wants to do what he can to support the ministry. “There are results in what KGM does and people are changed and become part of society again” say Pickering. He appreciates the compassion that is shown to those who are in need and enjoys seeing the results.

Bruce is a construction superintendent and has been doing it for about three years. Previously, he was a director of facilities for many years.

Dennis Rietema

Board of Directors

Dennis Rietena has been a KGM Board member since 2015. He and others in the community started doing homeless outreach in 2009, the opportunity to join the board sounded interesting. Dennis appreciates that KGM holds the homeless accountable but giving them opportunities to change their life and path. “We don’t stereotype the homeless as the world often does”, says Rietena.

Dennis is a retired Christian educator (40 years) and currently drives truck for a local farmer (to keep himself busy). He and his wife enjoy volunteering their time for the YWAM based in Dinuba

Diane Sharp

Board of Directors

Diane Sharp took a “deep dive” into the impacts of homelessness on individuals and our community while serving on the Hanford City Council in 2018. She joined the KGM Board in 2019, attracted to growing its dynamic programs and ministry. A Hanford native, Sharp also currently serves on the Boards of Rotary Club of Hanford, Kings Art Center and Hanford First Presbyterian Deacons. She will return to the City Council in December 2020.

Carlos Garcia

Community Director

Carlos is the day to day operations and ministry leader of KGM.

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