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About Us

Where We Begin...

All great relationships begin with mutual respect. From that point, we offer:

  • Shelter -24/7 6PM to 7AM

  • Work Opportunities at Cornerstone Industries

  • Education – The New Song Academy for Recovery and Christian education

  • Room & Board for Men & Women in Cornerstone Housing

  • Recuperative Room & Board

  • Case Management to connect to services

  • Transportation to important venues

Cornerstone Community Alcohol & Other Drug Recovery Systems, Inc. has a storied history in Kings County, but has always existed to help people find opportunities.

Opportunities to:


Leave Addictions behind.

Find a Suitable home.

Find Suitable work.


But always to find Community.


It is in our our name and always has been. But we do other things too, like Kings Gospel Mission & Cornerstone Industries. 


Communities take care of each other. They see things in and around their neighbors and leverage that for everyone’s success. Even though we have grown over the years and had different focuses over time, we have always been part of this community in a positive way.

What We Believe

Love our Neighbor as Ourselves

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What We Believe:

1) Faith in Jesus Christ is the only hope in the world and can truly transform a life.

2) Jesus stated numerous times and in numerous ways that our roles as Christian believers is to love God with all our Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength and to love our Neighbor as ourselves.

3) We are busy learning who God is and loving Him.

4) We are busy loving our neighbor.

Cornerstone Community doing business as Kings Gospel Mission and Cornerstone Industries employs 22 people and is striving to find new ways to be a great neighbor to people who live in our community. Through hope in Jesus Christ, providing homes, and providing jobs we are making an impact in each others lives. Join Us!

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