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Creating Jobs

Cornerstone Industries provides jobs that support those who have been marginalized and are re-entering the work force.  The recycling center is one way that we help our community, and support the work of Kings Gospel Mission.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the cans and bottles you drink out of? Well when you bring them to Cornerstone Industries you are supporting work for Kings Gospel Mission. The funds we earn pay for our services and food. The work we do to serve you, as you trade in your cans and bottles, teaches men good work ethic, so they can live independently one day soon. 

CA CRV Hours are Monday-Sat 9 am – noon, 1-5 pm 


We have two locations:  

  •  13747 6th Street in Armona

  • 11360 S. 10th Avenue in Hanford

We accept all items that have the CRV logo. 

It is yet another way we approach the problem of homelessness in a very practical way while we focus on living out God’s purpose for our lives together.

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